Dental Scaling and Root Planing

Dental Scaling/ Root Planing and Polishing (Dental cleaning)-for maintaining a good oral health!

A professional dental cleaning must be done at least twice a year as it can improve your oral health.  Our dental cleaning reinforces good oral hygiene.  People who regularly practice good oral hygiene with home-care oral health regime of flossing and brushing techniques tend to have less problems in future

Before we get started with the dental cleaning procedure, we use a topical anesthetic to alleviate any discomfort.  Through dental scaling and root planing, we guarantee our patients to provide a good oral hygiene.

  • 1. Dental Scaling:- It is a technique for removing plaque, tartar (calculus), biofilm from teeth with manual hand instruments, ultrasonic instruments, or both.  A manual instrument is used to remove the remainder from the surface of the teeth.
  • 2. Root Planing:- It is a technique to smooth the root surfaces to make it more difficult for plaque to accumulate.  It involves detailed scaling of the root surface in order to decrease inflammation of the gum tissue.  This procedure typically follows scaling to treat periodontal disease and is performed under local anaesthesia.
  • 3. Polishing:- This procedure is performed as a final step to render the surface of the tooth smooth so that future plaque/calculus accumulations are minimum.

We recommend that everyone should go for a professional dental cleaning twice a year for a good oral health.To book an appointment with us, feel free to call us today.

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